• RSPCA Tree
  • RSPCA Tree
  • RSPCA Tree
  • RSPCA Tree


Why the RSPCA Charity Tree?

At Emphasis Hair we are all pet owners and lovers.

There has been a dog water bowl at the front door of the salon since day 1…

David’s theory is… “All dog owners are great people and the more dogs we meet, the more great people we meet!”…

And meet them we have…

The RSPCA has been the vet care choice of David and his family pets for over 8 years with both his dogs being lovingly tended to by the amazing staff at the RSPCA.

Unfortunately, Mickey, David’s family Golden Retriever has needed 3 operations, all being under the expert care of Andy as pictured.

The services that they run for adoption and care of abandoned animals, as well as the welfare of the wildlife that gets brought to them is tirelessly executed and always with a big smile, lots of pats, buckets of love and tender loving care.

As they are a self funded organisation, they often  need extra funds and may not be as high n the priority list of corporate contributors.

Emphasis Hair was and will continue to support the RSPCA with energy and enthusiasm.

With thanks for your previous support.

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