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Your Charity Tree

Your Charity Tree

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In November 2015, I woke up with a start… It wasn’t the first time nor will it be the last that I wake my wife in the middle of the night with an idea from a dream, however, this dream was different… A sign… A message… A calling…

“Brigitte!” I exclaimed with excitement…

“It’s a Charity Tree… Your Charity Tree!”

To which she responded… “That’s nice… Go back to sleep…”….

I dreamed of a forest of trees in paper and multiple colours. With leaves moving and flowing in the wind. Each of the leaves had a message of love, support, joy, hope, well wishes and more that was hand written by a generous soul…

Within 60 minutes of waking, the concept was written down on paper, business names registered, domains reserved and first prototype designed.

Your Charity Tree was born…

Your Charity Tree (YCT) is a Charity Initiative designed for small to medium size enterprises to create a philanthropic, community, charity focused program within their business.

A simple process where clients are invited to purchase a “leaf” for $1.00 towards a specific cause that is chosen by the business. The business will match the total sum of leaves and money raised as their contribution.

Once purchased, they personalize the leaf with a message for the recipients (charity) and add it to the other leaves on the tree. The YCT grows every day as a tree does in nature as more and more leaves are added.

The charity or organization that a business chooses to support with their YCT is usually something that has a lot of meaning to the business owner, their team and potentially their clients and customers.

Whether it be a large charity or even an individual that needs some assistance within the community, each business has the ability to make the most impact and difference where they feel the funds should go.

The vision and dream of Your Charity Tree is to have physical tree plantations throughout the world growing fruits and nuts that sustain the communities where they exist.

To make the desert bloom as it does in Israel.

Where from sand and practically no natural water sources, through science, sheer determination, desire and necessity, agriculture has become one of the main industries that has propelled not only a tiny country forward into prosperity and strength, but to be a world leader in the technology, know how and skill set to be able to recreate this everywhere.

Imagine the deserts of Australia booming with lush green food producing orchards…

My vision is to see pomegranates, dates, olives, citrus, grapes, almonds, walnuts, apples and pears, and countless other beautiful fruits and vegetables growing supporting regions and cultures around the world, making their communities self sufficient and prosperous in their own right for generations to come.

Is it a bold dream? Yes… Achievable? Definitely!

Your Charity Tree has raised money for Beyond Blue, RSPCA, and Very Special Kids.

A small donation for a leaf or several leaves goes a long way, or if you prefer, start a Charity Tree at your own work! Contact us using the Contact form to inquire about how you can start making a difference.


Here show progress of charity trees from our community.

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Very Special Kids Tree
Very Special Kids Tree
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I'm looking for people just like you. We're teachers, business executives, parents, professionals, retirees, students, name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to change. To make our community a better place for us all to live and grow. And the more Charity Trees we can create in other businesses, the bigger impact we can all make. Together. Imagine having Orchards Of Charity Trees! This is our Vision!

Give A Leaf

Donate a leaf for $1 for your chosen charity tree. Help raising other people trees.

Ask For Donations

People often find it hard to ask others especially when it comes to asking for money. But remember, its only $1 and each single $1 can do so much. And besides, they can only say no!

Get Your Own Tree

Want to make an impact? Got your own cause? Let's get your own tree and start raising it.

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